~ Ducklings ~

A Schlecht family favorite! It's a great treat seeing these ducks flying about the yard. The small Mallards are hardy and of excellent color. They will fly if not de-winged. De-winging is an extra 15¢ each.

A Special Low Price of $3.50


Prized for their meat and good disposition. Drakes have green heads, necks, and wing markings. The hens are brown with penciled markings. Good layers.

$4.00 Each - SOLD OUT



The Pekins won champion market pen at Iowa State Fair. They also won Champion in the commercial waterfoul show at state. Don't need to pay big prices for good show quality. Most popular duck we handle. Excellent for showing and butchering. A very heavy duck.

$4.25 Each - SOLD OUT

Minimum Order Of 10 Ducks.  It makes it safer for shipping.